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Founder & CEO of Recruiter Hustle, Inc.

Cathy Trinh

After spending 20+ years as a highly-successful recruiter, Cathy launched Recruiter Hustle, Inc. and coaching business based on the foundation of her life-long journey of transformation and abundance mindset teachings. A fierce advocate for connecting executive job seekers to their next career and cancer survivor, Cathy’s newest endeavor expands her reach to begin a movement of social-consciousness through her inaugural book, “The Journey.”

Vietnam-born and California-raised, Cathy uses her painful past to tell stories of how each individual can create a brighter future- one of hope and prosperity. As a self-proclaimed, “Multi-potentialite,” she is insatiably-curious, not just about human potential and entrepreneurship, but spirituality, mental wellness and philanthropy. Toasting to each multi-potentialite, Cathy encourages humans to look deeper to discover gifts and potential that are just waiting to be recognized.

Cathy’s mission is to transform people’s lives. Inspire others to help others change lives by Inspiring Positive Force.

Asian Hustle Network recently named Cathy as one of the World’s 50 Top Unsung Hero. She is the Founder of SoulCare Society, a global women’s empowerment group with 2,000 members strong and Vice Chairman of the Board of Sisters Without Borders. Trinh is the #1 International Bestselling author of Asian Women Who BossUp and author of The Journey, Mastering the Art of Slowing Down. She earned a degree in Business Management from the University of California State Fullerton.

“My mission within Recruiter Hustles is to give you and the community a wealth of tools and connectivity enable you to amplify your career and life choices through five main abundance mindsets. Health, Wealth, Love, Gratitude, and Happiness.”