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Danny Nasr

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Our mission is simple. To create a new type of media for our professional community. As you browse through out stories you see that our interviews will not find anywhere else in the media. The personalities of each interviewee is a result of personal real & raw uncut inspiring leadership stories of executives. If you’re interested in reaching out to our community, email us! We’re happy to connect you through Recruiter Hustle, Inc. “It’s time to share the love.”

Recruiter Hustle, Inc. Magazine is proud to announce our first nominated inaugural ‘up-n-coming‘ leader for our Inspiring Leadership Stories series. Meet Danny Nasr of Orange County, CA….

Danny is passionate about accounting and finance and he’s not afraid to show it. As an emerging professional that meets challenges, he is an analytical thinker that finds solutions to challenges. He has been nominated as our ‘up-n-coming’ leader because he is aiming to change the world through his professional aspirations.

  1. Tell us about yourself and your professional history and where you are today in your life? Any personal hobbies you love, growth and development, or life goals.  My name is Danny Nasr. I am currently twenty-four years old and the older brother of my 2 siblings. Diligence and achievement have always been what I thrive on. I worked hard all throughout high school to be able to attend my dream college, Arizona State University, in which I graduated from in May of 2019 with my Business Degree. I was fortunate enough to land upon an internship for a corporate accounting department the summer going into my senior year. I realized accounting is what I was made for and after I graduated, I got hired at the same company as a General Ledger Accountant.  I now attend Chapman University to complete my master’s program in accounting. Playing football, snowboarding, going to the gym, and spending my weekends on the lake during the summers are all things I do to keep myself active. My biggest life goal is to give my siblings a good example to look up to and make my family proud of my achievements. 


  1. What are the most important values and ethics you demonstrate as a leader? Truth, honor, and personal integrity are the foundations on which I was raised upon and are things I now stand for. Not only is having a strong voice and big dreams characteristics of a leader, but being mature enough to admit to your mistakes, and grow from them contribute to personal value. Preserving your own morals while upholding wisdom justify leadership qualities.


  1. What sets you apart from other leaders or professionals? Having perseverance and resilience are classification in which differentiates me from other professionals. Adjusting to misfortune and having the ability to continue your ambitions despite the difficulties placed in life is what sets me aside from others and makes me a strong individual. I have proved this in numerous events in my life and will continue to demonstrate this mindset for the future.


  1. What are some of your major career or personal life accomplishments? A major life accomplishment is constantly working to be the best version of myself. I put myself through college with no financial help and was able to graduate in 4 years while working. I realized how important school is and wanted to expand my knowledge, which is why I am continuing my education and earning a master’s degree in accounting. Working through the obstacles and focusing on becoming successful is what I thrive for and consider to be an achievement. 


  1. What TIPS would you like to offer or encourage other Leaders or individuals walking in your footsteps to continue to learn and develop? My biggest advice I could give other individuals is to focus. There will be many distractions and disturbances along the way, but you must continue to surround yourself with resources that will help you develop your wisdom. Do not be scared to be different from your peers as you work towards your ambitions. Every goal that you cross off your list, makes you one step closer to your dream.